This year I am particular thankful for the following:
1. I’m not poor.
2. I was born in America and not, say, Afghanistan.
3. I was born in reasonable good health, with decent DNA.
4. The same is true of my kids.
5. I was able to buy a house this year.
6. I now have good credit.
7. I have a nice boyfriend.
8. I have good friends.
9. My family loves me and they make me laugh, too.
10. I have a decent job.
11. I don’t have any health problems that can’t be fixed.

Yay. Life is good. I give thanks.


I’m thinking I’m not going to buy a tree this year, after all, since my kids spend xmas with their dad in even-numbered years. So I’ll save the money and spend it on things that last longer.

I thought I wanted to decorate my house like crazy this year, but now I see that it’s pretty much all I can do to keep the lawn looking decent for my neighbors. You know? Mowing, edging, raking – I think that’s all the decoration I can do. Not even to mention that I haven’t knocked down the wasp house yet.

I don’t want to staple a bunch of lights up. I especially don’t want to take them down again.

Maybe I can buy just a tiny, tiny string of lights, and staple them to the wasp house.


Houston Zoo

We went to the zoo today. I had to force everyone – my kids and my boyfriend say they don’t like the zoo. What’s wrong with them, I wonder. How can anyone say that?

“It’s the same animals every time,” says my middle son Dallas.

“I know. We’re going to check on them and see how they’re doing,” I say.

I forced them to go and they liked it, after all. Just like always.

My favorite part this time was the octopus molesting the toy boat. Check it out.

If I ever get rich, I’m totally going to buy a membership to the zoo.

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