Recent Dream Themes

1. (Instead of being sad that I have to live in my dad’s house, or deciding to clean up my dad’s house,) A bunch of irresponsible people have moved into my dad’s house, and I have to decide whether I want to kick them out, or clean up their mess, or just party with them and then leave.

2. There’s a big vegetable garden at/near my dad’s house, and I’m about to harvest the monstrously huge mutant vegetables, with or without the help of my family, but constantly get waylaid.

3. I’m walking near my dad’s house, noticing all the insane gentrification going on all around it, alongside abject decay. (That part’s straight out of real life.) And then I arrive at a series of antiques stores run by liberal gentrifying white people. And they let me in to browse, because I look like them. But then, I can not resist plotting to steal from their stores.

4. I’m driving to or in a small Texas town near the coast. It’s quaint, and yet contains an establishment filled with hipsters my age, including one or another of the hipster white boys I’ve loved in my real-life past. Nothing happens between me and these boys, but I don’t care because I have money now, and I often have my kids with me, too. So I spend money, and being in those towns becomes a mini adventure.

5. Either I find a cool little house I want to rent, or else I discover that the small house I’m renting is secretly way bigger and cooler than I first realized. But then, in either case, I realize that I can only rent this place with my ex-husband, because he’s the co-signer on the lease. I feel torn between staying in the house, ignoring my ex, and leaving him for a smaller, less-nice house where I won’t have to put up with him anymore. Usually I’m about to leave when I wake up.

6. I have to do a show with the poor-kids musical theater troupe I used to perform in as a kid. Whereas the dreams used to involve me being unable to find a costume in my size, or not knowing the choreography or the words to the songs, now I just improvise a costume from my own clothes and plan to get on stage and improvise the song and dance, as well. And I can’t wait to do it, but I always wake up, first.

All my dreams are about money or success, it seems. Very few dreams about love or whatever else.

Every night my boyfriend dreams someone’s trying to kill him, or that he’s trying to protect people he loves. We think it’s because he has sleep apnea, and his mind must manufacture a reason for him to be struggling to breathe.

Sometimes my boyfriend dreams that I’m cheating on him, and it makes him sad. Sometimes I dream that he doesn’t love me anymore, and it makes me very sad and angry at the same time. Once I woke up and kicked him, I was so upset. He said he was sorry and we went back to sleep – him so he could protect me from killers, and me so I could make enough money to make our best dreams come true.

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