Today I was sitting at my desk at work, trying not to fall into an allergy-medicine-induced coma, when something loudly hit the window to my left. I looked over and saw a huge flying thing. When it landed and got still on one of the stone columns on our 20th floor, I still had no idea what it was.

Obviously, it was some kind of insect, but not one I had ever seen. It looked like the head of an alligator gar, shrunk down to an inch and a half and tapered at the end. Then, attach translucent fairy wings to the fish head, and that would be the bug I saw. It was scary.

I made my coworkers come look. Gloria got the bright idea of looking at it with the binoculars Eric gave me. “Ew!” she cried. I tried to look but couldn’t. It was just too scary.

Eventually the thing flew away. I guess. Maybe it evaporated. I didn’t actually see what happened to it. Maybe it fell down a stairway into the hell from whence it came.

Tile Time

If I had known then what I know now about buying tile, I wouldn’t be as stressed out as I am about my kitchen counter tile right at this moment. Because we have none. And I wanted it installed by the weekend’s end. But I didn’t preorder tile, and no one stocks the tile, so I’m still looking for tile so the tile will be done in time for the big party.

If it isn’t, it’s okay. My friends and family will understand, I’m sure. But still. I wanted my tile to be in place, in time. I wish now that I had known to order it weeks and weeks ago.

Flexible. Flexible Mode. Let’s all stay in Flexible Mode shh…

(Go to my Flickr page to see the absence of the tile. If you’re into that sort of thing.)

Tired Enough to Cry

I’m very tired, tired enough to cry, but it’s good because I’m getting stuff done.

I really, really, really, REALLY want to open my bead boxes and make some things with beads, but I won’t allow myself until more of the unpacking (and tile!) is done. So… Delayed Bead Gratification is the name of my game for now.

I’m glad my kids are back because I missed those brats. School starts very soon. I’m hoping for the best for their school years. Right, when school starts, it makes you think Christmas is right around the corner, even though it’s still a third of a year away?

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