I’m getting tired of job listings where arrogant employers ask for the world and offer way less than what that many skills should earn. I know IT professionals have been dealing with this forever, too. But it seems to me, as I keep an eye out for jobs for my friends, that it’s gotten beyond ridiculous lately.

Insurance companies want “entry level” workers with multiple broker licenses. Oil and gas companies want “tech writers” who have journalism degrees, five years’ PR experience, and five years’ experience doing oil and gas price analysis. Any asshole with access to Craigslist wants a professional writer to “coauthor” his autobiography for $100 flat.

What the hell is wrong with people? I hope no one applies for these jobs. I hate to see rich people prey on the desperate and insecure. Oh, wait… A lot of people are still desperate for jobs, aren’t they? I guess I shouldn’t hope that they wouldn’t apply, then. Good luck to everyone out there looking.

Open Letter

Dear Lonely People at My Work,

Complaining aloud to anyone in earshot does not count as initiating a conversation. If I walk by your office or your bathroom stall and you bellow out a complaint about your computer or your reproductive system, I will not reply. If you want to engage me in conversation, please address me directly on a specific, non-whiny subject. Or maybe you should consider getting a pet, instead. I’m sure a nice rescued greyhound dog would love to hear your voice all evening long. Not me, though. Please keep your undirected complaints and musings inside your head.

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Posted in venting on 06/26/2006 02:34 pm

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