I don’t have time to say much, but

I do have time to ask y’all for a favor. Would you please send good vibes to me today? (Or pray, or do a nice Wiccan spell, or whatever you prefer and have time to do.) Here are the general areas in which I need help:

1. Pray that my house bid gets accepted.

2. Wish for my house financing to go well.

3. Hope for my children to be happy in their new schools.

4. Petition the universe to smile on our moving out of Urbania and far, far into the suburbs – beautiful suburbs with an artificial lake and ducks. And plentiful good schools for smart little boys who don’t deserve to languish on long waiting lists for the only good schools in Urbania.

5. Finally: vaguely dwell, if you have time, on the thought that maybe the long commute won’t bankrupt me, because maybe my car will sprout wings. Or gas prices will fall. Or we will all convert to corn fuel. Or something…

Thank you. Talk to y’all again very soon.

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Posted in domestic on 04/24/2006 01:49 pm

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