• I don’t know who should play Aeon Flux, but I don’t want it to be Charlize Theron. Tad (my boyfriend) suggested Kate Beckinsdale. So far, I can’t think of a better suggestion than that.
  • You Are a 14-Yr-Old Arab Chick Who Just Moved to Texas – touching
  • This article about nushu, a secret script invented by and for women, almost made me cry because there were so many bad-ass women in history that we’ll never find out about and who never got the credit they deserved.
  • There was a Web page about the stuff of my nightmares, but now that it’s scared the crap out of me, it’s slipped away into the depths of the ocean again. C’mon,… let us see the scary fish pictures!
  • A simple game with pleasing squares.
  • Apparently many bloggers consider it rude to post links to sites that you discovered by following links from other blogs without crediting said blogs. I’m not sure I understand why. If I saw Joan Blow wearing a cool sweater and then purchased the same sweater, myself, at Foley’s the very next day, would I be rude if I didn’t tell every single person who saw me in that sweater that I’d previously seen it on Joan Blow? However, I have no reason not to tell y’all that all the links here are ones I saw on Six Different Ways, Cup of Chicha, Little Yellow Different, and Same River Twice. Those people always have good links (and more time than me to find them.) So check them out.

My favorite song of the week

is “Soul Taker” by Apoptygma Berserk, which is weird because I’ve never really thought they were as great as my boyfriend’s worshipful fandom makes them out to be. But this one song is really spooky and good.

last night

Last night we went out to ghetto-ass Club Go and watched people rub cocaine remnants from their noses and grind on strangers while bored go-go dancers danced in their sleep above us all. Then we adjourned to our old standby, #s. Jennifer was there. She promised to keep her hairstyle the same always so I’ll be sure to remember her. Then she danced. That girl can dance so bad-ass with a plastic cup of screwdriver in her hand.

Reason Number 73 Why I Love My People

My native tongue is English and I speak it well, as goes for everyone in my immediate family. But that doesn’t stop my brothers and me from abusing articles and possessives, distorting store names especially into things like “the Goodwill” or “Kroger’s” or “[anything beginning with The said without the The]”. Everybody in our neighborhood did it. I think it gave me a slight smug satisfaction to disrespect the names of establishments making more money than my daddy.

But I never thought of it more than subconsciously until my friend Letty said something funny about the phenomenon. We were talking about a local Latino gay bar called NRG. “Or,” Letty says, “You know how our people are, so it could also be referred to as NRG’s, The NRG, The Energies, etc.” I laughed. Funny ’cause it’s true.

Yesterday I heard myself tell Tad, “So do you still want to see Passion of the Christ, even though it’s supposed to be stupid and violent?” And I caught myself say that, and I started to correct myself, but then decided I didn’t care. I don’t respect that movie, anyway.

To be honest, I probably picked it up from two obviously Mexican girls loudly sharing a dressing room with me at Foley’s last week.

Girl One: Shut UP!

Girl Two: No, YOU shut up!

Girl One: Okay, for real, mamona, tell me como se mira esta falda.

Girl Two: It’s too loose on your nalgas.

Girl One: Well, HE-E-E-ELP MEEEE! Come ON-N-N-N! I wanna look good for our first date, you know?

Girl Two: Cayate, huey! Where’s he taking you, anyways?

Girl One: To see The Passion of the Christ.

I resisted the urge to advise perfect strangers against such fare for a first date. (That’s more like a dating-for-ten-months movie, as exemplified by my acquiescence to Tad’s request.)

Later, when I repeated her misnomer, I reflected on the natural tendency of my people to set off words in such a way. It’s not “What in hell is going on here?” y’all. It’s “What in THE HELL is going on here? Why can’t y’all two babosas be more quiet?”

Last night I used the bastardized movie title again in front of everyone. One of Tad’s friends repeated, “Passion of the Christ… wait, that’s what it’s called, right?”

“Yes,” I said. “Yeah, that’s right.”

Ha, ha, ha. Fight the powers, y’all. Fight the Man.

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